7 Huge benefits of a Collagen Bed

January 5, 2017



Are you thinking about, or wanting treatment for improving the appearance of your skin?


Be it a treatment for anti-ageing skin or a skin imperfection, the collagen bed available at Tru Tan & Beauty is a new, noninvasive, red light treatment system for these very needs.


For more information on the collagen bed, please click here (link to previous article).


The benefits of a collagen bed are:



1. Your treatment is personalized

Every time you visit Tru Tan & Beauty for a collagen bed treatment, a machine will be held on various areas of the skin to measure your collagen levels. Based on these readings, the treatment will be tailor made for you.


2. It’s relaxing

Simply lie back and relax under the warm glow of the lights. There will be no pain felt from this treatment. Take this time to let your mind wander and destress.


3. No needle treatment!

Unlike injecting collagen fillers, the red light therapy from the collagen bed stimulates natural collagen production and is completely pain free.


4. Helps remove lines and wrinkles!

The collagen bed stimulates natural collagen production in your skin which will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles due to the skin getting fuller.


5. It helps with other skin problems too!

If you suffer from acne, eczema or psoriasis you will be able to see noticeable differences too. The collagen bed also reduces stretch marks and the appearance of scars.


6. It’s safe!

To date there have been no reported side effects of using a collagen treatment bed. Bonus!


7. You can even get a tan!

The collagen bed has the option of low UV tubes if you would still like to get a tan at the same time as your treatment, and because of the personalized treatment, the UV rays will be adjusted for you so you will not burn.



The collagen bed really can help many skin imperfections or worries in a completely pain free way. If you could like to book in a course of treatment or find out more information, pop into our salon next to Hampton Court station, or give us a call on 020 8979 2999

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