Stupid Beauty Tips to Ignore

March 12, 2017


There are so many beauty tips these days it’s hard to know what to listen to.


Below are our top 5 tips that really need to be stopped. Please help us.



Stupid tip 1: Don’t moisturize oily skin

Even oily skin needs to be moisturized. Healthy skin oils are washed away by other products such as treatments and cleansers. This will make you skin feel dry. Your skin will naturally release MORE oil to counter act this and will make things worse than when you began.


Instead of neglecting oily skin, use a light moisturizer to keep the skin moisturized so your skin doesn’t have to do it for you.



Stupid tip 2: You can use natural ways to plump your lips

Step away from the shot glass and don’t even think about that cayenne pepper. These ‘methods’ for lip plumping are going to cause more damage than good.


If you really want to have fuller looking lips, try over lining them slightly and using shiny products to give them a fuller look. There are also a number of other treatments you can try if you really want to change the look but these would involve fillers.



Stupid tip 3: It’s ok to use only face wipes to clean your face

Face wipes are great for removing your panda eyes after getting wet or if you are away from home, but the chemicals on these wipes stay on your skin after use (as you do not wash your face after). This can cause irritation and a break out of spots.


Save these wipe for only when in an emergency situation!



Stupid tip 4: Test new foundation on the back of your hand…

It’s great to see what colour comes out the foundation bottle by putting a little on your hand – what is a ‘Sand’ anyway? However, do not purchase a foundation shade only tested on your hand. Your body and your face are usually different colours as you protect your face from the sun more, and you clean it more with different products.


Make sure you always test a new foundation where it is actually going to be used!



Stupid tip 5: It’s good to brush your hair lots

If you want to remove your hair’s natural oils leaving it frizzy and damaged, go ahead.



Let us know if you have any tips that need to be outed as useless!

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